Day 50: Housemates begin the Hotel BB task as Charley and John arrive

Housemates have been taking part in the first day of the Hotel BB task.

For this week’s shopping task the house has been transformed into Hotel Big Brother. The Housemates are split into guests and employees. Aisleyne must pick three Housemates to join her as VIP guests and chooses Danny, Chloe and Joel. To pass the tasks, employees must maintain high standards and cater to the guests’ every needs.

Jack is on concierge duty and must manage the other employees. Aisleyne requests prosecco on tap. Chloe requests a donner kebab and curry sauce. The guests are shown to the bedroom. Chloe exclaims, “Oh my god, I’m in Dubai. “ Marc plays a prank where Aisleyne and Danny are told they must sleep in the same bed.

Charley enters the house. Aisleyne is excited. Jack introduces her to employees.

Later, hotel staff are waiting for another arrival. John McCririck’s arrival is announced. Jack is excited. Aisleyne runs to hug him. Chloe introduces herself and Jack introduces John to the staff. John announces, “I am sweating profusely and I want to get in that pool.” John tells Joel, Danny and Nick that they’ve being doing well on the series.

Marc is talking to John in the bedroom and tries to find out about the perception of him on the outside. John says, “Helen is so revolting and you sided with her. What she did to Brian was so nasty. Saying those words to anyone…awful. I’m disappointed that he walked but he was driven to it. You played a fair bit in it. You sided with Helen.”

Marc tells Sam, “John says you’re hated outside. If everyone’s out there, I can’t defend myself. He attacked me and tried to use his popularity against me.”

John is giving Marc some advice. John says, “You don’t need to swear because you’re so intelligent.” Charley says, “I think he’s entertaining to be honest.” John says, “You don’t need to do it. You are bright. You’re a nasty piece of work but you’re bright.” Marc says, “I’m trying hard.” Marc looks unimpressed.

Jack asks John about his popularity on the outside. John tells him it’s not good and says, “You weren’t the Jack you were to start with.” John encourages Jack to get back to that Jack.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

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