Day 51: Housemates go back to school in latest task

Over the next few days, Big Brother will be taking housemates through the stages of life in fast forward. First up, Tom and Isabelle are taken back to early childhood with an adult-sized play area. They must use alphabet blocks to answer questions given by Big Brother, whilst dressed in adult-sized baby grows.

For the next part of today’s task, Big Brother is sending housemates back to school. Housemates are dressed in school uniforms, sat behind desks

Big Brother grades the housemates on their dress sense, based on the result of a public poll. Isabelle and Charlotte came first

The second subject of the task is power. Hannah and Kieran come first in the public poll.

During the task and revealed in tonight’s show – Charlotte or Isabelle was evicted and exited out the back door which shocked all housemates. Big Brother throws the housemates a Graduation Ball, and announces that the final vote to win is now open to the public. “I’m buzzing!” says Hannah about reaching the final week in the house

Raph is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about reaching the final week. He had thought he was a definite finalist but Big Brother clarifies they have reached the final week.

Tom is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about his friendship with Kieran: “If we can get to the final together, that would be absolutely sick. Kieran has been there for me in this house through thick and f***ing thin.” Big Brother asks Tom who the best looking of the pair is: “We’ve got two different looks. We’re the same!”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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