Day 52: Jasmine on Cristian: “I really just wanna die right now. I’m so embarrassed”

Jasmine is a bit embarrassed over her intimate moment with Hotel employee, Cristian.

On tonight’s show, Celebrity Big Brother 10 Housemate Jasmine Lennard, continues her stay in the Hotel. However, following her intimate moment with Cristian the previous evening, she’s left feeling embarrassed.

The show begins as Jasmine is in the bedroom talking about Cristian. “I don’t think he’s shy.”

Later, Jasmine goes to the Diary Room. “I really just wanna die right now. I’m so embarrassed. If I was watching it on television, I’d probably be screaming at the TV set saying what is that old bitch doing with him.

Typically, Cristian would be the exact opposite of what I find attractive but there’s something special about him. I’m a pretty intimidating girl but he held his own. I’m starting to understand the novelty of a younger man.”

Some of the staff are in the smoking area. Jasmine goes over to Cristian and cuddles up beside him. Marc arrives and tells Cristian to be more professional and get up. Jasmine straddles Cristian to stop him from getting up. She kisses him. The other Housemates look on. Chloe says, “Jasmine, you’re a bad girl.”

Later on in the show, Jasmine and Cristian are in the kitchen talking about Jasmine’s departure. She tells Cristian, “This is me on my best behaviour. You’d be in trouble in the outside world.”

Finally, Jasmine and Cristian is in the bedroom. Jasmine and Cristian get in to bed together. They kiss. Jasmine stops it saying, “This could get out of control.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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