Day 52: TASK: Step Up

In this task, Housemates will become two different dance crews and must battle it out for their crew to win a Vegas themed party.

Housemates will be divided into two different dance crews, with Zoe becoming the dance coach.

Housemates will then be given twelve different dance moves which they must try and recreate. It is up to Housemates to practice these dance moves in their crews, to try and perfect these moves, and finally to assemble their moves into some sort of routine for the battle. The dance moves will appear in video form which will have been pre-recorded by professional dancers. The videos will clearly teach Housemates how to do the various dance moves. During the rehearsal period, Zoe must spend equal amount of time with each crew helping them with their routines.

After their rehearsal period, the two crews will assemble in their costumes and battle it out.

The two performances will be posted online this afternoon for the public to vote on which of the crew’s performance is the best. The crew that gets the most votes will go to the party tonight and the losing crew will be their waiting staff serving them food and cocktails.

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