Day 53: Aisleyne attempts to escape from the Big Brother House

Legendary Housemate, Aisleyne, attempted to escape from the Big Brother House yesterday!

On tonight’s show, Big Brother 7 Housemate, Aisleyne, attempts to break out of the Big Brother House. We see Aisleyne as she on concierge desk and is not happy. She was made a member of staff by house guest James Jordan, with Marc taking her place as a VIP Guest.

She says, “There’s even less reason for me to stay now because Jasmine and Danny are getting it on. I’m going.” The Housemates tell her to stop. Aisleyne says goodbye to the Housemates and walks towards the fire exit door.

Jack runs to stop her. Aisleyne says, “I’m so tired. I just wanna go home.”

Later, Aisleyne is in the Diary Room. “I don’t know what [Jasmine’s] playing at. She’s jumping in my bed as soon as I’ve left the room. I just think it’s rude.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm with the tenth live eviction.

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