Day 54: Helen, Ash, Pav and Ashleigh get letters from home

Winston has made his decision on who should get their letters from home

Earlier today, it was revealed that Winston would be the one who decided who got their letters from home in the latest task. He was told to choose one Housemate out of pairs, with one getting their letter and the other getting their letter deleted.

Firstly he was chosen to delete either Helen or Mark’s letter. He choose to delete Mark’s letter and save Helen’s.He then had to delete Chris or Ash’s letter. He choose to delete Chris’ and save Ash’s. He was then given the dilemma of choosing between Pav and Zoe’s letters. He chose to save Pav’s and delete Zoe’s.

Finally he needed to choose between Ashleigh and Christopher’s letter from home. After much deliberation he chose to save Ashleigh’s letter and delete Christopher’s.

As a reward for completing the task, Winston automatically gets his letter from home. The letters from home will be delivered to the House later today.

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