Day 56: TASK: Housemates Vs The Internet – Day 2

Housemates are going to play a game where they enter a Housemate Comparison Website and guess who the audience prefers based on different categories. All Housemates must go into the website and place themselves in order from Most to Least based on the given category.

In order to pass the task, Housemates must guess the ‘Most’ and ‘Least’ positions correctly for a given number of categories:

* Most stuck up
* Most Creepy
* Most Two-Faced
* Most Boring
* Most on the fence
* Most unhygienic
* Plays up to the camera the most
* Most lazy
* Most manipulative
* Most False
* Most interesting

The public were the ones who decided which Housemate fitted into each category via a poll on the Big Brother website yesterday.

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