Day 57: Chloe on Joel: “You’re so patronising and manipulative, Joel

The Housemates aren’t happy with Joel, as they are tempted by food in the latest cashbomb. 

As part of the task, Big Brother has put on a spread of fast food. If the Housemates choose not to eat the food, they will win the amount contained in the golden envelope. They discuss it and decide to vote for it. Joel and Jack want to eat it. The Housemates vote five to three to resist eating the food. They win the envelope. The amount is one hundred pounds. They are all disappointed.

Joel is in the bedroom with Chloe and Sam talking about the takeaway vote. Chloe says if Joel and Jack had eaten the food then she would’ve have said they were selfish but wouldn’t have been annoyed. Joel keeps talking about the earlier discussion. Chloe says, “You’re so patronising and manipulative, Joel. You’re going on and on.” Joel asks Sam several times about the vote and concludes, “You would just sway with the majority.” Sam gets annoyed and goes to leave the room saying, “I can’t argue with you.”

Danny is in the sky room with Cristian and Harry. Danny says, “Joel always wants to argue.” Harry says, “I think Joel’s being selfish.”

Sam and Chloe join the Danny and Cristian in the sky room and both the girls are annoyed. Sam says, “I felt like I was in court and he was the defence lawyer and he was trying to trick me into saying something.” Danny and Cristian agree that Joel often does this. Joel approaches them. An argument breaks out as Joel wants people to tell him things to his face. The argument refocuses on the prize fund.

Danny says Joel is not thinking about others as the prize money may mean more to them than it does to Joel. Joel says that he does not want the house to focus on the prize money as ultimately he feels they have no control. Chloe brings up the money he spent on the pizza saying that no one fixated on it but that on the takeaway subject, he’s looking for an argument. Joel wants to drop it and walks away. Danny comments, “You know why he stopped that… because he knows he lost.” Sam agrees saying, “That’s the first time I’ve seen him walk away from an argument.”

Joel, Jack and Cristian are in the garden. Joel asks why people have not raised the “manipulation” opinion previously. Cristian responds that today’s argument has raised the issue to the surface.

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