Day 58: Jack and Sam win suitcase bid in latest cashbomb attempt

Jack and Sam have won back their suitcases in the latest cashbomb task. 

On tonight’s show, Cristian, Danny and Sam are revealed to have been holding the money bags for six hours and twenty five minutes. Sam is trying to keep them motivated. Big Brother announces that an auction will take place for the Housemates to win back their suitcases. To participate, Housemates in the garden will have to drop their money bags. Sam drops her bag.

Housemates are given white boards to write down their secret bid. The top three bidders will win their suitcases back and their bids will be deducted from the prize fund. Chloe, Harry and Joel bid zero. Jack and Sam bid one hundred pounds.

Chloe is annoyed with Jack and Sam saying, “These two guys are going to stand out there and try to win money for us and the nicest thing to do is stick together.” Sam defends herself. Outside, Danny is wonders why they are arguing. Joel agrees with Chloe. Jack responds to Joel, “Don’t play the moral card. You gave up to eat pizza.”

Big Brother continues at 10pm.

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