Day 58: TASK: Zoe’s Secret Task

Big Brother has given Zoe a secret mission

Zoe is given a secret mission to impress the rest of the house with some made-up showbiz related stories.


Zoe is brought to the Diary Room where she is told her secret mission. She has to tell made up showbiz stories to different housemates.
The lies are…

1. I once sang at a hospital. It was so good it woke someone out of a coma.

2. I’m such a good actor that when I played an injured person on stage, I played it so convincingly that 3 people in the crowd called an ambulance.

3. Being a Housemate is a stepping stone to presenting on BBOTS and the main show.

4. I have written a film – it’s called ‘Twin Win’. I star as a girl who meets their identical twin they didn’t know they had. I play both twins, their mother and provide the voice of a talking dog. I went to Hollywood and had meetings with loads of studios and agents. I was told that Eddie Murphy loved it but the dates didn’t work.

5. I only want to get close to people who can help with my career. So the only people I’m going to be friends with are Helen and Mark.

If she can tell these tall tales to Big Brother’s satisfaction, Zoe will receive a reward.

As a reward Zoe will receive her own special cake which has a picture of her own face on.

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