Day 59: Chloe and Sam take £5,000 from prize fund in latest task

Chloe and Sam have both taken £5,000 from the prize fund in the latest task

The Housemates are gathered in the task room for today’s task. Sam, Jack, Joel and Chloe are randomly chosen to each separately called into the Diary Room and offered five thousand pounds. They must choose whether to take the money for themselves or add it to the prize fund. Joel does not take the money saying, “I spent two and a half grand on pizza and I regret that.” Sam, Jack and Chloe choose to take the money for themselves. Danny, Harry, Cristian and Nick are then each separately called to the Diary Room and told that the others have been offered five thousand pounds.

They must try to guess whether they opted to take the money for themselves or add it to the prize fund. If they guess correctly, they will then have the choice whether to keep the money for themselves or add it to the prize fund. Danny guesses that Sam decided to add it to the prize fund. This is incorrect. Harry guesses that Jack kept the money. This is correct. Cristian guesses Joel kept the money. This is incorrect.

Nick guesses Chloe added it to the prize fund. He is very confident this is right. This is incorrect. Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas to reveal the results. Harry guessed correctly that Jack wanted to keep the money. She is then offered the choice of keeping the money or adding to the prize fund. Harry adds it to the prize fund saying, “I signed up for a show that the money went to the rightful winner.” Chloe and Sam have five thousand pounds to keep for themselves. Ten thousand pounds is added to the prize fund. Nick and Danny are surprised that Chloe kept the money.

The Housemates are still on the sofa. Chloe asks Danny if he’s annoyed with her. Danny responds, “No, I’m disappointed in some people’s decisions. Everything you’ve argued for in the last week, completely useless now.” Chloe defends herself and says she surprised that Danny is not happy for her. They begin to argue. Danny walks off. Jack is annoyed as well. Chloe gets very upset and tries to leave the house through the fire exit.

Chloe is in the Diary Room. She is upset. “Please let me put that money back. I can’t take that money back. If I’d known people were going to begrudge me five grand… That’s massive to me. That’s five months wages. I can’t cope. I feel embarrassed. I’m disappointed with myself. I’m disappointed with Dan.”

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