Day 59: TASK: Strongest Housemate

HELEN, WINSTON and MARK will be competing in 3 head to head games to be crowned “BB’s Strongest Housemate.”

HELEN, WINSTON and MARK will be wearing World’s Strongest Man – style outfits that will consist of black biker pants, a striped vest and curly moustaches. However, the competition is not just about physical strength, they’re based on housemate strength – the attributes that make a great housemate.

HELEN, WINSTON and MARK will take individual turns where they will be holding up a dumbbell that is really light. They must keep their arms straight up for as long as possible without letting the dumbbell drop or have any of the weights fall off. To make this difficult there fellow competitors will do anything they can to try to get them to the drop dumbbell. The Housemates will be armed with a bucket full of dog food, a large fish (that has been descaled and finned), a large hand made of feathers and a very smelly sock. If the dumbbell or one of the weights falls during the task they will be out of the game. The person who manages to keep it up the longest wins.

HELEN, WINSTON and MARK will enter the Diary Room individually to test their will power. They all must try as hard as possible to fight their emotions.
* MARK must NOT cry. He will be given 15 onions that he has to cut one after another while listening to a Mariah Carey’s ‘Hero’, ‘With Out You’ and ‘ We Belong Together.’
* HELEN must NOT get angry. Helen will be given cue cards to read with messages from the viewers. She must read these aloud and try not to get angry.
* WINSTON must NOT laugh. Winston will be surprised in the Diary Room by former Housemate Biannca who will be wearing a chicken costume. Biannca will give him a lap dance in an attempt to make him smile.

HELEN, WINSTON and MARK will all be at three podiums in the sofa area and the remaining housemates will be sitting on chairs in front of them. The Housemates will answer a series of questions about HELEN, WINSTON and MARK such as ‘Out of Winston, Helen, and Mark who is the most loyal?’ They will write their response on white boards. HELEN, WINSTON and MARK must then guess how many people chose them. Big Brother will tally the results.

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