Day 6: Big Brother Ratings Crisis? What Ratings Crisis?

With the speculation of a supposed ratings crisis, we take a look at the ratings from the past week 

Channel 5 launched their latest series of Big Brother on Tuesday night, as 15 new Housemates walked into Britain’s most famous House. Now, almost a week later fans are screaming out that there is a ratings crisis, when the real fact is.. there isn’t one.

Launch Night
On Tuesday, it is clear that Big Brother DID launch to its lowest rating, with 1.8 Million tuning in to watch the new Housemates enter the House. The ratings are lower than the first launch night of Big Brother 2014, however they beat the second launch of 2014 – which only got 1.64 Million.

So overall, this launch didn’t actually do that badly when you consider the rating.

Wednesday – First Highlights
Big Brother returned the following night with the first highlights show. The show pulled in a total of 1.20 Million people as the launch night highlights were revealed. This was up on the first highlights show of Big Brother 2014 which pulled in just 952,000 viewers. However, we do need need to consider that the first highlights for 2014 aired on a Saturday. If we are going to look at the first Wednesday show of 2014, that show pulled in 1.24 Million.

Thursday – Second Highlights
Big Brother again aired the second highlights show at 10pm, and mustered in 1.21 Million people, while last summer’s second highlights – which aired on a Sunday – gained 1.50 Million. However, the share for 2015 was higher than 2014 with 8.1% share compared to 7.8%. If we look at the first Thursday of Power Trip, just 1.03 Million tuned in for that show.

Friday – Live Show
On Friday, Big Brother aired the first live Friday night of the series. In total, 1.31 Million people tuned in to the first Friday show of Big Brother. We now jump forward to the first live Friday of 2014 for this comparison. Last year’s first Friday show managed 990,000 viewers at the same time. This means that Big Brother 2015 beats 2014, again.

Saturday – Third Highlights Show
Last night, Big Brother pulled in a mere 850,000 viewers last night – with a 4.5% share. This however had to be expected, as Saturday’s always rate lower than the average highlights show. Again, if we look at the Power Trip ratings for Saturday’s, the first show (which is also above) got 952,000 while the second Saturday got 898,000.

In general, the ratings so far are hard to compare and they are basically on par with last summer. This comes back to our original question – Ratings crisis? What ratings crisis?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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