Day 6: Housemates punished for discussing nominations

The House has been punished for discussing nominations.

During tonight’s show, the Housemates get an abrupt awakening. Big Brother announces to the house, that due to nominations discussed between Biggins, Saira and James, and Renee and Bear, the entire house will be punished. Hot water and hair appliances are turned off for the rest of the day. Lewis comments; “Sharpen up! You can’t talk about nominations Biggins!”

James suggests appointing someone in charge of the house; “We are seeing anarchy!”. Bear is annoyed that Saira, Biggins and James nominated Grant as he thought ‘they were all mates’. Saira calls Bear ‘a d*ckhead’

Saira is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Bear; “He’s so vile! Renee has a soft spot for him, he now has a defender for all his actions and behaviour.” In the bathroom, Grant tells Marnie and Bear how he feels about being nominated; “I’m intrigued to know what I’ve done!”

In the bedroom, Renee advises Bear ‘to leave it alone’ with Saira

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