Day 6: Janice recieves emergency medical attention after bee sting

Janice was given emergency medical attention yesterday after being stung by a bee.

During tonight’s highlights show, Janice requires emergency treatment after she was stung by a bee. Janice comes to the Diary Room with a medical emergency.

“I’ve just got bitten by a bee…and my finger is swollen and it is going up my wrist.” she tells Big Brother. Big Brother then arranges medical assistance for Janice to help the sting.

Once Janice has recovered from the bee sting she tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that “I’m ready to go back and get stuck in the house and try very, very hard to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease.”

Later on, In the bedroom Janice and Jenna are making amends. They both apologise to each other. Jenna is concerned over Janice’s bee sting and says, “let me know if you need anything.”

Jenna and Farrah discuss Janice’s apology in the kitchen. Jenna says,“she sounds really like, sincere…she is so endearing when she is nice but when she is not, she is so irritating.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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  1. peter Newstead says

    That sting looks very nasty

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