Day 6: Natasha and Jenna argue over wine and kosher food

Natasha and Jenna have argued over wine and non-kosher food.

During tonight’s show, Natasha and Jenna have a dispute over a glass of red wine. There is confusion over whether Jenna can drink wine that isn’t Kosher.

Natasha returns to the garden with her wine and tells James and Bobby that “Jenna’s f*cking whinging about it…it’s like a big f*cking thing because we have a glass of wine.” Chris gives Jenna his glass of red wine to diffuse the situation.

Jenna talks to Farrah about her British Counterpart Natasha, “it takes everything for me not to say something back to Natasha.” Farrah warns Jenna, “She tried me, she’ll try you, she’ll try everyone…she’ll be a f*cking bitch like that.”

Later Jenna and Natasha try to sort things out on the sofa. They agree that there was a misunderstanding and Jenna tells Natasha that “it’s wine, I really don’t care.”

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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