Day 6: TASK: Power Of Positivity

It’s all about the shopping task this morning in the Big Brother House, and after last night’s shake-up the house is still feeling the aftershock

Big Brother wants to kick off the series on a positive note. Therefore all Housemates must do to pass this week’s shopping task is remain happy and positive. But being happy won’t be that easy. Big Brother will be doing his utmost to ensure that being happy won’t be easy.

Housemates wake up to find the entire House covered in large smiling faces, and positive phrases.
These include:

· A Positive Housemate Is A Winning Housemate.

· Positive Housemates Get Positive Results..

· A Smile Costs Nothing!

Across the two days there is one simple rule, the Housemates need to remain happy. But Big Brother won’t be making it easy, putting in various tasks designed to test their ability to keep on smiling. The Housemates will incur a fail if they frown, moan or complain in any way.

To pass this Shopping Task, Housemates must have remained happy throughout the task so as to not incur more than ‘x’ amount of negative fails.

To assist Big Brother in this, 2 Housemates become the ‘Positivity Police’ and are given the task of maintaining a happy house and encouraging Housemates to turn their frowns upside down. The Positivity Police will be TOYA and STEVEN.

Housemates are woken up to the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Big Brother then gathers the Housemates in the Living Area. Big Brother explains that as it is the beginning of the series, Big Brother wants Housemates to get off to a happy start in the House. Big Brother explains that the House has started to show signs of negativity and Big Brother wants happy Housemates.

Once the rules have been read by the Housemates, TOYA and STEVEN become the Positivity Police. They are given their costumes and instructed to change into them immediately.

Good News – No Hot Water
At various points throughout the day, pieces of good news are delivered to the House. These bits of good news are delivered via pre-recorded VTs. When the VTs play, they are accompanied by a smiley face graphic on the plasmas in the House. The good news delivered comes into effect from the moment the VT finishes. It is up to the Positivity Police to ensure that all the good news delivered is followed by the rest of the Housemates. At the beginning of the task, the first good news VT is played into the House. This piece of good news is that there will be no hot water for the rest of the task.

Task – Positive Therapy
Housemates are gathered in the Garden. The Positivity Police choose the 8 most negative Housemates to take part in ‘Positive Therapy’. This is a Big Brother therapy session for the Housemates to get rid of some of their negative energy. Housemates are stood in a circle, each behind a plinth with a button. One at a time, each Housemate will be asked a question. They must announce their answer to the rest of the Housemates, and consequently press their button in front of them to shock that Housemate. Questions can include:

· Who is the ugliest Housemate?

· Which Housemate should have really been given the pass to the final?

· Who is the most irritating Housemate?

Good News – Smoking Ban
The next good news VT is played into the House. The VT will implement the next rule for the Housemates to adhere to happily. This rule is that Housemates are no longer allowed to smoke and all cigarettes must be declared to the Positivity Police immediately.

Punishment – Positivity Pod
As punishment for the unhappy ways, Housemates are sent to the Positivity Pod which has been set up in the Small Task Room. The Positivity Pod has been covered in over the top smiley faces. The Positivity Police will be called to the Diary Room and asked to choose 2 negative Housemates to be punishes. When in the Positivity Pod, the punished Housemate must listen to a laughing track on loop for the duration of their punishment in a feat to increase their positivity. They must have a large smile on their faces at all times when in the positivity pod, by keeping their face in a horrid smiling device. If the punished Housemates are rehabilitated enough, then they will abolish 2 fails that the Housemates have incurred so far.

Task – Happy Hour
Big Brother hosts a happy hour in the Garden, where drinks are free and even 2 for 1. One of the Positivity Police becomes the barman and serves special cocktails to the Housemates who are playing, who have been pre-chosen by Big Brother. These drinks are:

· FIN & TONIC: Fermented Herring, tonic water, a fish eye, stinky tofu

· MOJITOAD: Blended frogs legs, mojito mix, soda water, cod liver oil, stinky tofu

· PENISCOLADA: Blended pigs penis, milk, stinky tofu

One Minute Rage
To give Housemates a short rest, Big Brother allows the One Minute Rage. 2 Housemates will be called to the Diary Room. They are told by Big Brother that they may select one Housemate who they are allowed to bitch and moan about for a whole minute. The One Minute Rage is for Housemates to vent any negative feelings that may be bubbling away.

Happy Camper (Night Time Hit)
The Positivity Police choose the 2 least negative Housemates to become Happy Campers. The Happy Campers cannot sleep inside tonight and must camp outside in the Garden with nothing but sleeping bags and a Big Brother tent for comfort. Housemates will be drenched in water by the rain above them, and must consequently endure being outside whilst wet until late at night, around 2am.

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