Day 6: Two housemates face first Celebrity Big Brother Eviction

Housemates have nominated for the first time this series.This week, Celebrity Big Brother kicked off with a twist. Kirstie Alley entered the House and was elected the president of the Big Brother House. Alongside her role, Ryan Thomas was elected as her vice president following a vote on the Big Brother app.

Over the last few days, the duo have been responsible for making decisions around the house and for being in charge of the first shopping task, seeing Housemates build a wall and defend the house against intruders such as Donald Trump and Theresa May.

During tonight’s show, housemates were told that they would be nominating for the first time. As president, Kirstie was given the opportunity to give one housemate immunity from the first eviction. Jermaine was chosen and given immunity.

After the announcement, housemates conducted their first nominations.

Ben nominated Natalie and Ryan
Chloe nominated Nick and Hardeep
Dan nominated Natalie and Roxanne
Gabby nominated Natalie and Rodrigo
Hardeep nominated Natalie and Sally
Jermaine nominated Natalie and Hardeep
Kirstie nominated Natalie and Rodrigo
Natalie nominated Hardeep and Kirstie
Nick nominated Chloe and Kirstie
Rodrigo nominated Gabby and Hardeep
Roxanne nominated Hardeep and Natalie
Ryan nominated Chloe and Natalie
Sally nominated Hardeep and Rodgrigo

As a result of this week’s nominations, Natalie and Hardeep will face eviction from the house on Friday.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm.

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