Day 60: Who wins Big Brother 2015? You Decide!

In just six days time, the winner of Big Brother will be crowned. Who wins? You Decide!

Earlier tonight, Harry and Sam became the latest evictees from the Big Brother House, but now voting for your winner is open! Who wins Big Brother? You Decide!


To vote for your winner via a landline call 090 20 44 58 and add the number of the Housemate you want to win.
To vote for your winner via a mobile call 6 50 58 and add the number of the Housemate you want to win.

To vote for Chloe to win add 04
To vote for Cristian to win add 05
To vote for Danny to win add 06
To vote for Jack to win add 09
To vote for Joel to win add 11
To vote for Nick to win add 13

Calls to the long number will cost 50p plus your network access charge. Calls to the short number will cost 50p. Voting closes in Thursday’s live final of Big Brother.

Also, don’t forget to vote in our poll as to who you want to see win Big Brother!

[polldaddy poll=8974284]

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  1. Sally says

    Chloe looks like the ”runner up” right now on polls and Joel as the ”winner” I’m sure he will come fourth place or third chloe will win or even Danny

    1. Petah Felton says

      If Danny wins, it tells me exactly what is wrong with the world. If he is seen as worthy of winning anything, I will have truly given up on people and common sense. He is arrogant and nasty. Words defy how awful he really is

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