Day 63: Prize bonus at risk in final Power of Money task

It’s all or nothing in this final task

A poll is placed online for the public to vote for ‘which Housemate is the best judge of character’.

Once the poll results are in, each Housemate will then be called to the Diary Room and told that the public have voted them to face a dilemna. The dilemma is: do you want to take the extra money the House has accumulated for themselves or leave the extra money accumulated for the prize fund.

This is actually NOT true.

In fact, the last Housemate called to the Diary Room will be the Housemate that the public voted the best judge of character.

This Housemate will be then told that each of the Housemates have been posed the dilemma above. In order to secure the full £25,000 for the prize fund that Housemate must correctly guess which of their housemates decided to take the money.

If this Housemate is accurate in their predictions, then the prize fund will increase to £125,000. If they are incorrect the prize fund will remain at £100,000 and the money they’ve accumulated over the past two days will be lost.

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