Day 64: Cristian: “That task was completely not fair”

Cristian isn’t happy about the task the Housemates took part in..

On tonight’s show, Cristian isn’t happy about some of the questions asked in the facts task. The scene begins as Danny and Chloe are in the bedroom talking. Cristian being upset about some of the questions that were posed as he feels one was particularly personal.

Cristian then decides to visit the Diary room. “That task was completely not fair. In my case, the one about a partner. The way it was worded, it sounded really malicious. It’s the kind of conversation that I’d have quietly with a good mate.”

He says that he would have divulged this information in a private conversation and thinks it is unfair that it was broadcast to the whole house. He says that Housemates have these conversations when they forget about the cameras.

Later, Cristian is alone in sky room. The Blue Team (Danny, Joel and Nick) have been rewarded for their earlier task win with a hamper of goodies. The other Housemates discuss Cristian’s seclusion. Danny goes to see him.

They discuss the parts of the task that they did not like. Cristian admits, “Chloe’s annoying me a bit. She always takes the piss and makes jokes. She knows I react badly to it. I’m sensitive and I take things seriously.

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