Day 66: Housemates reflect on their time in the House

Big Brother has given the Housemates time to reflect on their time in the House.

During the final highlights tonight, Each Housemate reads out a scroll with a question of their time in the house.

· Nick’s scroll – What does being a finalist mean to you? “To be in the Big Brother Final is something no one can take away from me. It’s something in hard times I will look back and think I was a Big Brother Finalist and to share the experience with such amazing people and to be here throughout has been incredible and one the best things I have ever done, so it means the world to me.”

· Cristian’s scroll – Who has been your best friend in the house? “I would probably say my six best friends in the house would probably be you guys and that is well and truly honest. But if I was to have to honestly say one person, I would probably say Danny. Whenever I have problems we do sit down together and you know, you do offer me a lot of advice. But despite that fact I still consider you all f**king good friends.”

· Joel’s scroll – Who has changed your opinion of them the most? “It would be Cristian. On launch night I thought you were a different person to who I thought you were. I judged you for what you were wearing and your initial conversations with us and that was probably wrong, and that is something I know I shouldn’t do and won’t be doing again.”

· Danny’s scroll – What was your single favourite moment in the house? “I think it would have to be when all the old housemates from previous series came in and had a party. At that moment I was on a downer and I was a bit lost in the house and I had some reassurance from a few of the old legends which was a pick me up for me which I needed and done me a world of good.”

· Chloe’s scroll – What will you miss most about the Big Brother House? “You five boys all looking after me and looking out for me like I’m your little sister and to be left with the people I am most fond of has been amazing.”

· Jack’s scroll – What will you take away from your Big Brother experience? “Amazing memories from amazing people and I am sure it wouldn’t be the same without them. Before I came in I was thinking I am not going to like anyone in here and they are going to be nothing like me, how wrong I was. So I will take away great memories and great people and a bit of cash with me in the process.”

Big Brother: The Live Final takes place tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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