Day 66: TASK: The Final Countdown

We’re coming into the final week of Big Brother, so the remaining Housemates are being given the opportunity to show why they should be finalists.

Each Housemate fills in a blank CV template, listing previous jobs, qualifications and their strengths and weaknesses. The housemates then line up outside the diary room on chairs, waiting to be interviewed, and one by one are interviewed by Big Brother, who will go through their CV’s with a fine tooth comb.

The CV’s assess if the housemates have got what it takes to be a deserving finalist. This task will assess the other side of being a housemate, the physical ability to do tasks.

In the garden there will be a row of task stations.

• Electric shock wire

• Chilli eating – habanera chilli pepper/scotch bonnet

• Clippers

• Performance area

• Mystery box full of gross stuff that they have to fish something out of including chicken feet

• Bucket of gunge to tip on your head

The housemates must each take turns to go down the gauntlet of tasks, trying to do as many as possible, as this is their chance to prove themselves as Housemates. Big Brother declares a gold, silver and bronze position.

In the evening the Housemates are gathered at the sofas. The Housemates faces will appear on the TV screen and housemates will take it in turns to stand and explain why that Housemate should or shouldn’t win Big Brother.

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