Day 68: TASK: Power of Knowledge

CHRISTOPHER and ASH will have the Power of Knowledge.

Christopher and Ash will be called to the Diary Room and then taken to the control room. In the Control Room they will be told that the Power has returned to the Big Brother House and they will have a big decision to make later today. As part of their Power, they get to take over the Diary Room and give Big Brother two killer questions that they want Big Brother to put to each of their fellow Housemates.

Christopher and Ash become psychiatrists and get to interview each of the Housemates one by one in the Small Task Room which has become a shrink’s office. The Housemates have to lay on a sofa while the pair give them questions like “What has been the hardest thing in Big Brother?” “What would you do differently?” “Who did you get on with who you didn’t think you would?” etc. They will also do word association with each of their Housemates pictures and be shown Rorschach drawings which they have to interpret and head shots of the Housemates.

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