Day 7: Adjoa, Eileen and Sarah face eviction as Cristian is saved

Housemates have nominated for the first time! Find out who nominated who…

Yesterday, Housemates were told that they would be nominating for the first time. Big Brother then told the Housemates that they would be nominating face to face. Find out who nominated who, and who faces eviction.

– Nick nominated on Friday and Amy and Sally will be nominated as one Housemate.

Cristian and Sarah

Chloe and Sarah

Housemate Nominated
Nick Adjoa and Sarah
Chloe Cristian and Sarah
Kieran Adjoa and Eileen
Harriet Cristian and Eileen
Joel Adjoa and Sarah
Aaron Amy & Sally and Cristian
Cristian Chloe and Sarah
Sarah Joel and Nick
Jack Adjoa and Eileen
Adjoa Joel and Kieran
Eileen Jade and Kieran
Danny Jade and Joel
Amy and Sally Cristian and Jade
Jade Cristian and Eileen

At the time of nominations, Adjoa, Cristian, Eileen and Sarah faced eviction from the House. Big Brother then told Jack that he was able to use one of his immunity passes to save one of the nominated Housemates. Jack decided to save Cristian.

This means that this week, Adjoa, Eileen and Sarah now face eviction from the Big Brother House.

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