Day 7: Cami Li immune from upcoming CBB eviction

Big Brother has thrown another twist into the fairytale during tonight’s live show

As the first live eviction between Alexander, Chloe and Ken was cancelled due to Ken’s ejection from the House, tonight’s live show – hosted by Emma Willis – featured a twist in the story of the series.

Big Brother told the Housemates that they were going to play a game, which would result in one of them being nominated. This was a lie. The Housemates all drew straws and Big Brother told them that their future in the House would hang in the balance.

Nadia was instructed to remove the velvet curtain on the mirror which revealed pictures of the Housemates. While their picutres remained on the tree, they faced eviction. Whoever remained at the end – would face eviction. Nadia went first and was safe. Nadia was then told to remove the photo of the Housemate she wanted to save and place it in the basket. She chose Patsy.

Patsy then stood up and repeated the process. Patsy chose Perez.
Perez chose Alexander
Alexander chose Calum
Calum chose Michelle
Michelle chose Katie
Katie chose Kavana
Kavana chose Alicia
Alicia chose Keith
Keith chose Chloe.

This meant that Cami Li remained. Big Brother told Cami to come to the Diary Room, where Big Brother explained that she should place a crown on her head and told her that she was the queen of the fairies and would rule over the House. Big Brother told her that everyone but Cami Li would face eviction.

Over the next two days she will have the chance to save some of her Housemates from the upcoming eviction.


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