Day 7: Housemates begin Royal task as Paul enters the House

Find out what the Housemates got up too yesterday during the first evening of the shopping task..

For this week’s task the British celebrities are playing the part of the Royal Family, they have dressed up as different members and are welcomed into the living room as their roles. The USA housemates will be working as the Royal Families staff.

Paul Burrell enters the house to help take charge of the USA housemates. Janice bows at his entrance. Farrah does not shake Paul’s hand. Paul announces the American Housemates’ staff roles.

The palace staff begin to serve the Royal Family and start to get irritated with Janice’s lack of participation. Farrah doesn’t take straight away to Paul and Jenna feels like the Americans are getting punished. Chloe and Stevi have a serious chat, Stevi questions Chloe “I don’t know whether you’re keen next year or this year to get married.. I don’t know if you really want to.” Chloe wonders whether Stevi is unsure about her, she talks about being intimate on TV, “I just can’t have the shame of doing that on TV.”

As the Royal British Housemates retire to bed, Paul is in the Diary Room. He thinks he may have a problem with Farrah but he hit it off straight away with Janice. Paul directs the USA Housemates to clean up the kitchen. However Janice refuses “I’m spent… and I’m on medication”. Farrah is annoyed at Janice trying to get out of the task, “with all due respect you are not going to disrespect anymore.” Janice ignores all the other Housemates frustration and goes to bed.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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