Day 7: Servants set secret missions for first shopping task

The servants have been set secret missions for this week’s shopping task.

Big Brother gathered the American Housemates to the sofas to begin the sabotage of this week’s shopping task. As they are American Housemates, they will be serving the royal family – however there is a twist.

“Dear palace staff, to pass this week’s shopping task you have all been told that the Big Brother Royal Family must maintain a high level of etiquette, manners and decorum whilst you the staff must dutifully serve them and attend to their every want and need.

“However, there is more too it than that. Palace staff, this week’s shopping task actually lies solely in your hands. In order to win a luxury shopping budget for everyone, you must all use your cunning and smarts to disgrace the Big Brother Royal Family and bring shame on their impeccable public image.  In short you must bring them down from the inside.

“Over the next two days, Big Brother will give you a series of secret missions designed to expose the Big Brother Royal Family and make them break the rules they have been told they must adhere too.

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