Day 7: TASK: The Power Of Positivity – Day 2

Today, Housemates will continue to take part in The Power of Positivity Shopping task. As with yesterday, all Housemates must do to pass this week’s shopping task is remain happy and positive. But being happy won’t be that easy. Big Brother will be doing his utmost to ensure that being happy won’t be easy.

To give Housemates a short rest from Positivity, Big Brother allows the One Minute Rage. This One Minute Rage is used to address issues that are arising in the House. When hazard lights and red lighting flash, Housemates are offered the chance to get things off their chests. For one minute, Housemates must shout at each other, scream at each other, and vent their issues until Big Brother states the One Minute Rage is over.

In Good News, pieces of good news are delivered via pre-recorded VTs. The good news delivered comes into effect from the moment the VT finishes. It is up to the Positivity Police to ensure that all the good news delivered is followed by the rest of the Housemates. The first good news VT of Day 2 is that the Housemates must take part in a ROFL. Housemates must continue to ROFL until otherwise notified by Big Brother.

Big Brother has noticed that Danielle is quite a negative Housemate with some quite strong views. Therefore, Big Brother will call Danielle to the Diary Room. In the Diary Room, Danielle will be showed on the plasmas a series of topics for which she has some quite negative views. So as not to incur a fail for the task, Danielle must list to Big Brother all the positives about these topics that she can think of. Topics include:

· A plate of peas

· Snoring

· Creepy Crawlies

· Provocative Clothing

· Swearing

· Casual Sex

Big Brother has some happy news. Ash, Marlon, Ashleigh and Kimberly, as the four Housemates who have not received their suitcases yet, will take part in Happy-Go-Lucky, a game where Housemates must individually face the ‘Positivity Spinner’. The large Positivity Spinner is put into the Living Room. On the wheel are various sections, each with a different category on it. One at a time, Housemates will press the buttons on their plinth to take a go at the Positivity Spinner. On the wheel are lights on each individual segment/category. Whichever segment the wheel lands on (highlighted by the light on that section) will correspond to the punishment the Housemate must now endure.

Housemates will be playing for each other’s suitcases. Therefore, if one Housemate refuses to do the punishment allocated to their section on the wheel, a different Housemate will not get their suitcase back. The rounds include:

· IT’S ALL GONE – one Housemate must wax his leg

· DEEP CLEANSE – one Housemate must pour a bucket of fishy gunge over themselves in a bath

· HIGH RATING – one Housemate must publicly admit which Housemates they find sexy by ranking the Housemates in order of sexiness

· BREATH EASY – one Housemate must brush their teeth with a wasabi toothpaste concoction

In this big set piece, 6 Housemates must face The Unfun Fair in the Garden. 6 Housemates will compete in the Unfun Fair as 3 pairs. Each pair of Housemates will need to complete a disgusting assault course, with the rest of the Housemates watching on. Housemates must collect various Smiley tokens around the course which they believe will eliminate some of the fails that have already been incurred throughout the task. Housemates must simply complete the course before the time runs out having collected all of the Smiley Positivity tokens. The Positivity Police must ensure all Housemates remain happy and positive throughout the assault course, which consists of:

* Housemates must crawl on their elbows and knees through a trough of incredibly sticky gunge which has been disguised as a ball pool. At the end of the gunge trough, Housemates must clamber through the electric tendrils hanging above them which will administer an electric shock. Housemates must collect the smiley tokens from the gunge pit.
* Housemates must then walk over a thin beam which is suspended over a pit of feathers. However, when the Housemates have managed to get half way across the beam, it will start to rapidly rotate, increasing the difficulty for the Housemates. If the Housemates fall off they will be coated with feathers and must proceed to the start of the beam. Housemates must reach the Smiley tokens hanging above the revolving beam.
* Finally the Housemates must face the Steps to Positivity. A giant staircase will have been built in the Garden, with the stairs on a slight angle for added difficulty. Housemates must attempt to reach the top of the staircase to collect their last tokens. However, from the top of staircase gunge is being poured making the staircase incredibly slippery. In addition to the gunge, Housemates will be pelted with gunge bombs for added slipperiness.

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