Day 70: Ex-Housemates return to the House in latest task

In this task, Housemates will look to the future and their experiences after Big Brother. With the help of some of their ex-Housemates, Housemates must try to pass the task in order to win a party for themselves, and their ex-Housemates.

Hit 1: Media Training with Danielle and Zoe

Housemates are inevitably going to come up against some difficult questions after leaving the House, whether in interviews or via social media.

In a press conference set up, two ex-Housemates will tutor the Housemates one at a time on how to deal with these difficult questions from the media. Big Brother will collate challenging questions for each Housemate from the public. Each Housemate must answer these questions taking on board the advice given to them from the ex-Housemates.

Hit 2: Exit and Winning Attitude with Biannca and Mark

Housemates must channel their inner A-list celebrity in creating the most memorable winning moment ever.

Ex-Housemates give the current Housemates a tutorial in how to give a good exit from the Big Brother House and a memorable winning attitude. The perfect exit should be memorable (such as Biannca’s). After a master class, each Housemate must then deliver their own signature exit pose, react to barrage of boos and give some good winning attitude

Hit 3: Promotional Training with Steven and Winston

After leaving the Big Brother House, Housemates may be offered the chance to advertise a variety of different products, some good, and some bad.

In this session, Housemates are going to put their promotion skills to the test. Housemates will be divided into two teams, and then allocated a product chosen for them by the two ex-Housemates.

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  1. emma(s5) was gold says

    I am not against “outside” contact as the show has had to competitively evolve – but i do not get the point of this

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