Day 72: Big Brother 2014 Final: Chris finishes in 5th place

Chris has finished in 5th place during tonight’s final

Emma asked Chris about his time in the diary room: ‘I literally was just speaking my thoughts, I got to purge everything I thought and I didn’t get to have confrontations in the house, it was preservation’. When Emma asked if he could have been accused of being one person in diary room and one person in the house, he said: ‘I was speaking my mind…my opinions change…I may not say to things to people’s faces, but I need to have respect’.

On his journey, Chris said: ‘I expected to be there for a fortnight…it kept going…I became part of the furniture…I found it incredibly challenging’. On Helen, Chris said: “I genuinely do love Helen….I saw a sensitive side to her…she will always drive me nuts”. On Ashleigh, Chris said: ‘I don’t really know where it started…she is my best friend in the house…she is hilarious and super smart’.

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