Day 72: Big Brother 2014 Final: Christopher finishes in 3rd place

Christopher has finished in 3rd place during tonight’s final

Emma asked Christopher how he found his experience in the house: ‘I found it a really tense house, we were always on tenterhooks…a lot of feisty big characters in there…lots of very full on strong minded people’. On standing up for himself in the house: “One thing I can do is listen, I would sit back and think a bit more before I’d storm in”.

On Mark, Christopher said: ‘He is amazing, one of a kind, it is what it is with Mark, I’d rather has him as a mate…if we continue to fight all the time, he’s still awesome, I’ll see him afterwards, maybe’. On changing his personality towards the end, he said: ‘It wasn’t a conscious decision to say I’m going to start arguing all the time…maybe I thought I’m going to stick up for myself…I wanted top be more upfront with my housemates’.

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