Day 72: Big Brother to continue on Channel 5 in 2015

Big Brother will return to Channel 5 for the sixteenth series in 2015

Speculation has been rife this year, with Channel 5 yet to confirm if Big Brother’s contract would be renewed and that the show would return to the channel in 2015. However, Emma Willis has confirmed that auditions have opened for the new series, and that the show will be back for the next series in the summer

This means that Celebrity Big Brother is also expected to return in January 2015.  Channel 5 are yet to reveal details of the official renewal, but they are expected to be revealed once the Viacom take over deal is finalized.

Channel 5’s controller, Ben Frow also confirmed that the show would be returning to Channel 5 in 2015.

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 on Monday night at 9pm.


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  1. Jennifer says

    When can I apply for big brother 2915

    1. emma(s5) was gold says

      in 2800 the earth will be at very high risk of life threatening asteroid hits. i would not book the long-term cryonic suspension quite yet!

  2. Jennifer says

    When can I pally for big brother 2015?

  3. emma(s5) was gold says

    Did she? She said the auditions were on for next year but many shows go through the casting stage only to not then actually run. I don’t remember her saying it would be on C5 or that it would be on, just if people wanted to be on it next year what to do?

  4. KeithCP2 says

    I don’t care I won’t be watching it, after the fixing this year big brother can go to hell, it was the biggest fix ever right from the start, no wonder helen got the pass and won its been proven she had her agent as a producer of big brother because I have read it somewhere last night, I hope after a thorough investigation, the money is forced to be paid back and the producers fined heavily for fixing, this is totally disgusting, and you will see you will lose lots of viewers, on top of that most were professionals with own businesses etc, and discriminating unemployed people and anyone below them, it was the worst series ever, and we saw 1 hour a night of what channel 5 wanted to show us, then repeated most of it again the following night totally rubbish all over

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