Day -8: Could we adapt a Big Brother USA twist?

With the theme of Power set to take over this series, we take a look at a twist that we could adapt from the U.S

Just note that this is purely speculation and an idea that we would enjoy seeing Channel 5 adapt, while being highly unlikely. 

Recently, a few select Housemates from Big Brother: Secrets and Lies have been tweeting “goodbye” tweets and “other side” tweets, which are often seen if a Housemate goes into hiding. These tweets have caused speculation among fans of the show that they could be re-entering the Big Brother House. While this speculation goes on, we take a look at a potential twist involving ex-Housemates we could adapt from our neighbors across the sea.

In 2012, Big Brother USA brought back four ex-Houseguests from past series of Big Brother. They were put into the game not as Housemates, but as coaches. These coaches were Britney from Big Brother 12, Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 10, Janelle Pierzina from Big Brother 6 and Big Brother: All Stars and Mike Malin from Big Brother 2 and Big Brother: All Stars.

The show’s idea was to introduce these four ex-Houseguests as coaches in the game. As coaches, they were not eligible to win the grand prize of $500,000, but their own prize of $100,000. They would have to guide the new Housemates in the House for as long as they could and hope that they would coach the eventual winner of Big Brother.

Eventually, the ex-Houseguests were voted into the game and played as normal Houseguests.

However, could this be a part of the big plan for Power Trip? Or meaningless speculation? The coach twist would enable certain Housemates to team up with the ex-Housemates and control the House, having more power. Or, the ex-Housemates could control what happens in the House and what happens to the Housemates.

Who knows? Let us know with what you think could happen in the comments!

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