Day 8: Evander Holyfield evicted from Celeb BB

EvanderEvander Holyfield has become the first Housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House

It’s Day 8 in that House, and finally the first Celebrity has been booted out of the House. This week has seen probably the most explosive moments of a Celebrity Big Brother in recent years with Lee, Jasmine and Casey’s love triangle, and… Dappy.

On Wednesday night you decided to send Lee and Casey into Big Brother’s Bolt Hole where they were able to watch on in secret and see who nominated each Housemate, all of the gossip and bitching and cause mayhem for the main House. However tonight their cover was blown.

The duo returned to the House tonight and were forced to make a big decision. The eviction decision was made by Lee and Casey. Lee and Casey were asked by Big Brother which Housemate they wished to evict between Evander and Luisa – the Housemates with the least amount of save votes.

The pair decided to evict Evander.

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  1. emma was tv gold says

    Did not fit in with the series theme at all. Plus you can not hit a horse and keep the girl vote after already losing other support with earlier beliefs.
    The eviction decision method though, sort of loaded the deck a bit didn’t it?

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