Day 8: Housemates face their phobias in latest shopping task

For this week’s shopping task, Housemates will come face to face with various phobias. Housemates believe to pass the task they must face their phobia and not quit (which they can do by pressing the PANIC button at any point).

However, the real task is for Gary. He will be told by Big Brother that he must convince housemates he has a ‘genuine’ phobia of balloons. The task will culminate in him facing this fear. The rest of the housemates will be able to quit on Gary’s behalf and if they do this they will pass the task and win a luxury shopping budget.

The medical testing room has a big red emergency panic button in the centre of the room, labelled “PANIC”. Housemates can quit the task and escape the room by pressing the button.



GLOBOPHOBIA – The fear of balloons (Gary): Gary is called to the Diary Room before the start of the shopping task. He is told that the outcome of this week’s shopping task lies with him, and his ability to convince his fellow Housemates that this is a genuine phobia.

The Housemates are then told that for the next two days Big Brother will be testing the Housemates to see if they suffer from various phobias. In these test the housemates will have the option of hitting a ‘panic’ button to quit the test if they are too scared, but doing so will mean that they fail that task.


One at a time a Housemate will enter, sit on the chair and come face to face with a phobia. If they manage to face their fear and endure the fear test without waving the white panic flag, they will pass the test.

OSMOPHOBIA – The fear of smells (Stephanie): At the end of the conveyor belt there will be a Perspex box full of horrible props letting off terrible smells including smelly socks, raw fish, and a mouldy food. The box is also full of live black flies. The Housemate will move closer and closer to the box until they are finally inside it, and must take in all the smells around them until the klaxon sounds.

OMPHALOPHONIA – The fear of belly buttons (Edele): At the end of the conveyor belt a man reveals his huge belly. The Housemate will pass the task if they can endure having their face squashed against the belly until the klaxon sounds.

NEOPHOBIA – Fear Of Surprises (Ricci): The Housemate moves towards a sparkly mystery gift box. They are then told to lift the lid and look inside, as they do so they are blasted in the face with gunge.

ARACHNOPHOBIA – The fear of spiders (David and Lauren): A giant spider will enter the pitch black room. With creepy sound effects playing, the ‘spider’ will gently touch David and Lauren to scare them. The giant spider is in fact someone dressed in a spider costume.

EPISTEMOPHOBIA – The fear of knowledge: One at a time the Housemates will see a quote of something that they or another Housemate have said, or a subject that they must discuss. If the Housemate does not wish to read out the quote or discuss the subject, they may push the panic button, but doing so will incur a fail.

MORRISCHOROPHOBIA – The fear of Morris dancing (James and George): James and George will be brought to the testing lab to see if they suffer from a fear of Morris Dancing. To test this they must dress as Morris Dancers and Morris Dance to a piece of folk music for a long time. As always, they can quit at any point by pressing the panic button.

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  1. I love Big Brother says

    Can’t wait for this. With a wide array of acting jobs behind him Gary defiantly has the skill set to pass this task. It’s just I don’t think any of the housemates like him enough to quit on his behalf.

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