Day 8: Sarah and Paul make amends and Jordan cools down his flirting

Housemates are waking up after Sarah and Paul’s fall out. Sarah goes to the diary room to speak to Big Brother about the argument the night before. Talking about Paul, she says; “I don’t think I’m going to trust certain people, especially him. He’s playing a game. A very cunning one. I’m just going to be very wary from now on. I’ve got eyes in the back of my head, and one beady eye on him!”

Paul is talking to Jordan, Amelia and Chad in the bedroom about Sarah. Paul says; “She was hitting me back, really where it f**king hurts. Am I going to talk to her? No. She f**king took it too far.”

Jordan, Sam and Paul are discussing Marissa in the garden. Paul tells Jordan he is over the ‘showmance’ already. Jordan says; “I’m not doing that sh*t. I’m not faking it. A casual flirt I wouldn’t have minded, as long as it was real.”

Paul talks to Trisha about his time in LA; “Some guy once jumped in my car, told me to move over, and started driving it. I ended up going down to Compton. I had to pretend I had a gun to get him out of the car!”

Derek and Sarah are in the garden, talking about Girls Aloud. Sarah says; “It’s so hard to catch up with any of them, really. Everyone has got their own thing going on. Three of them have got families now… I haven’t seen or heard from one of them for forever. I don’t know where she’s gone.” Sarah adds that she has recently facetimed Nadine

Jemma and Brandi are in the bathroom talking about Sarah. Jemma says; “No one is better than any-f**king-one else. I’m sick of the fact that she thinks she is.”

In the kitchen, Sarah and Paul clear the air. Paul tells Sarah; “I was concerned for you. That was the reason. It wasn’t out of malice. It wasn’t out of me trying to f**king get you out of here. Believe me.”

Amelia and Paul are on the sofa, talking about Amelia’s love life. “Sam has just got out of a relationship…” Amelia says. Paul responds; “So have you. Rebound isn’t it! You’re both rebounders so it equals out.”

Paul and Sam talk about Marissa and Jordan’s motives, Sam says; “He doesn’t care. He’s just doing it for the camera as well. Call a spade a spade, you like flirting with her, she likes flirting with you. Fine. Anything more mate, shush. She’s got a nine year old kid, are you kidding me?“

Jordan is talking to Marissa in the garden. Jordan says; “What we’ll do then is, we’ll cool it down with the flirting level. And whatever happens. Happens.” Marissa replies; “I would miss it if you didn’t flirt with me”

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