Day 8: Tensions rise between Janice and the Housemates

Tensions have been rising between Janice and the rest of the Housemates.

During tonight’s show, The UK Royals enter the kitchen for breakfast. Janice snaps at Jenna to wash a bowl. Daniel and Jenna speak about their frustration with Janice, “keep your eye on the prize” says Daniel.

Janice is in the diary room speaking about the other Housemates’ dedication to the task, “I think Farrah is full of s**t…and I think that Jenna really doesn’t know her place.”

Daniel gets frustrated with Janice in the kitchen as she eats a bowl of fruit. He shouts over to her, saying, “what are you? F**king ten years old?”

Jenna and Janice start to argue. A frustrated Jenna says, “don’t talk to me like that…watch your attitude… zip it you f**cking freak.”

Janice gets ready to go outside; Daniel is frustrated that she is making everyone wait. Janice, irritated by him asks, “why aren’t you in a movie instead of some C-list reality show?”

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5.

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