Day 9: Imran and Sukhvinder “get close” during tonight’s highlights

During tonight’s highlights show, Imran is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “It was a bit emotional last night, I had to calm Sukhvinder down. I feel like I’m getting closer to her now and understanding her emotions on a deep level. If I was alone in this place my attitude would be more RAH!”

Imran mediates between Chanelle and Sukhvinder after their argument last night. Sukhvinder explains to Chanelle that she’s claustrophobic; Chanelle explains that she didn’t know and it wasn’t intentional. The pair agree to move on.

Later, In the kitchen, Imran and Sukhvinder are kissing, she comments; “This is free porn for people!”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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