Day 9: Rylan Clark-Neal defends Channel 5 for airing Tiffany reaction

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side has defended Channel 5 for airing the misunderstanding Tiffany had over being told David Bowie had died.

The spin-off host has defended the decision by the channel to air the reaction saying that it was a reality show and it had to be broadcast.

During the show, Tiffany was told by Angie that David had died. However Angie meant her ex-husband David Bowie who sadly passed away on Sunday. Tiffany misunderstood and believed that fellow Housemate David Gest has died. This lead to her becoming hysterical and an argument breaking out in the House.

Speaking on today’s edition of This Morning, Rylan said he had seen the episode earlier in the day and as he watched it thought Tiffany “must have been a big Bowie fan”. He then realised her mistake and commented on the reaction from social media, saying: A lot of people were saying on Twitter that it was distasteful for Big Brother to show this.

“But with all due respect, what happened is terrible news when anyone dies. But that was, as you’ve now seen that was the whole day in that house.

“That was played out what this misunderstanding was, there would have been nothing to show.”

Presenter Phillip Schofield agreed, adding: “Big Brother is about the lives of people who have been thrown together and their days within that house. If their days revolve around a moment like that, which was the most gripping television to watch, then what sort of show have you got?”

“If you’re that outraged all we can do is apologise, but at the same time it is a reality show,” Rylan added.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm with Bit on the Side following at 11pm.

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