Day 9: TASK: Mystic Mark

Mark has mentioned a number of times that he is psychic, and so Big Brother is putting his ability to the test to see if he can read the mind’s of his fellow Housemates.

One at a time Helen, Winston and Danielle will be called to the Diary Room where Big Brother will ask them a question about their inner thoughts.

After answering their question they will then enter the small task room that has been converted into Mystic Mark’s Mystique where Housemates will be invited to hear their fortunes, with the help of Mystic Mark and his tarot cards.

The Housemates will hand Mystic Mark an envelope containing their question, which Mark will then answer using his psychic ability.

If Mystic Mark can answer the questions correctly, and therefore read the minds of the Housemates, he will win a box full of pampering treats.

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