Day 9: Tea party task causes tension and arguments between Housemates

The final part of the shopping task hasn’t gone down too well with the other Housemates as it has caused arguments!

For the final part of this week’s shopping task Gail, Natasha, James and Chloe- Jasmine have been invited to a luxury tea party. However what they don’t know is that Big Brother has set USA Housemates, Farrah and Austin a secret mission. They have been tasked to get the Royals to lose their cool by getting them angry – in any way they can.

Farrah questions Natasha on her relationship with her husband. James tells Farrah “you know what, I don’t think you have an intelligent conversation in you.” James tells Farrah she is rude and she retaliates with “maybe you should have an orgy with d**ks in your a**.”

Farrah asks Gail “do you want to be part of the tea party, I mean what is this?” She accuses Natasha and Gail of being lesbians. Gail leaves the room. Chloe Jasmine begins to cry. Pretending to be irritated Austin tells her “just go in the bathroom and cry if it’s too much for you.”

Natasha begins to cry because of Farrah’s comments at the table – she admits that she is really angry with what’s just happened. Austin and Farrah go back to the US housemates. “We f**king nailed it!” says Austin.

Gail talks to James about Farrah: “if I was in the outside world I would whip her a**…she doesn’t give a f**k about anyone but herself.” Jenna and Farrah laugh about the insults Farrah made at the tea party.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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