Pop goes January as the Celebrity Big Brother has been given one of its most colourful makeovers EVER! Take a look around..

The Stairs

Our Celebrity Housemates will walk down these golden steps into the newly decorated Big Brother House, covered in pop art murals and lots of colour. Blue wallpaper surrounds the Housemates as they wave goodbye to their agents and their privacy for four weeks..

The Living Area


Waiting for them at the bottom of the stairs is the living area, which just screams colour! With a oval table surrounded by red, yellow and blue chairs, more arm chairs and a variety of cushions scattered on the sofa, the theme continues. A large pop art mural surrounds the bedroom wall while the Housemates memory wall also contains a custom mural!

The Bedroom



The Bedroom gives our Housemates a little break from the colour screaming throughout the main living space and introduces a few calmer colours. The gold and pink still contains small pop art details, with a mural on the wall and the bedding containing a woman’s face!

The Garden


Outside in the garden, Big Brother’s garden takes on a city feel, with a brand new seating area, the large pool remaining and more pop art than you can shake a stick at.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom contains…. quite a few ducks! A mosaic theme fills this room with lots of coloured tiles and pictures of pop art ducks.

The Pod

The Pod returns but has been redecorated, with more pillows than ever before!