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Big Brother has completely refurbished the House and this time, it’s a complete British village complete with shops, cottages and everything that makes Britain the nation it is. Shall we take a look around?

The Stairs/Entrance

Our brand new Housemates will walk down the rustic staircase after waving goodbye – being greeted with quaint shops, grass, a stone path and some very cute looking squirrels. One side of the stairs resembles a Tudor style cottage while the other is a row of shops complete with the village electrical shop. The Diary Room this year is also upstairs – the first time since 2014.

The Living Area

The Housemates will then find themselves in the village green – the hub of the House this year. Alongside the electrical store, which houses the Housemate memory wall, we have the new sofa area which has been coloured grey to match the theme. They will also find a small cottage and a mischievous looking pug on the table. Big Brother has also planted some flowers around the sofa area.

The Kitchen


The kitchen this year is self contained – and looks like the typical village bakery. There isn’t just one dining table this year and is instead filled with different seating areas, a cake display and the usual modern appliances our Housemates will need to make their time in the House that little bit better.

Bedroom One

This year – there are two bedrooms. The first is themed to resemble a sweet cottage complete with double beds and a light blue wallpaper. The Housemates will be able to make themselves very much at home in this area! But, what about the other Housemates?

Bedroom Two

The second bedroom however looks like a run down house complete with graffiti and a stone wall motif, a washing line and some very unattractive looking bedding. The beds don’t look to comfortable either…

The Bathroom

This year, Big Brother has taken the idea of a ultra plush salon and poured it into the bathroom! Our Housemates will be able to bathe and talk to their fellow civilians as there are armchairs around the whole tub. Elsewhere are some some salon style hairdryers and some creepy looking masks on the wall. The shower itself is also in a large tube like container looking out into the garden!

The Garden

The garden has been given a very royal makeover this year. Complete with its very own pond/pool, there are benches, very green grass and bronze statues for our Housemates!