ITV plan for ‘years of’ Big Brother with purpose-built house

ITV are reportedly planning for multiple years of Big Brother, with a purpose-built house now set to be constructed imminently.

The Sun are reporting that ITV are set to dedicate studio space to build a unique Big Brother House ahead of the revival next year, having settled on three potential sites for the production.

A source revealed: “The network is clearly in this for the long haul and plans on a successful multi-series run with Big Brother, just like Channel 4 did back in the day.

“Channel bosses don’t want to be moving locations and dealing with the often complicated rules and regulations of renting out a space.

“Building their own Big Brother house will remove any risk. It’ll mean they can pretty much do whatever they want.”

It was previously expected that ITV would create a temporary house to air the series – whether in a studio or following the Love Island villa route.

There have been two Big Brother sites in the UK. The first in Bow, London, was home to the first two series of Big Brother and the first Celebrity Big Brother. The site was removed shortly after the second series.

Big Brother then moved to its more permanent home at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood, where the show settled from 2002 with a new house for future series. The studios was home to Big Brother up to its final outing on Channel 5 in 2018.

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