Pre-BB: Big Brother 2016 to mix Civilian and Celebrity Housemates?

Big Brother could introduced one of its biggest twists in history – by adding a mix of Celebrity and Civilian Housemates.

According to New Magazine, Channel 5 is planning to bring one of the biggest and most controversial twists to Big Brother this summer, by adding a mix of civilian and celebrity Housemates and dividing the House into two.

A C5 insider said “We’re planning on really mixing up the regular series this time by chucking in a load of celebs too and splitting the house up. The producers have been approaching people from Gogglebox, TOWIE and Ex On The Beach and have some great names lined up.”

This comes after Endemol filed for a massive extension to the current Big Brother House at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood – including a brand new two story House and garden area in addition to a brand new live stage outside.

Channel 5 have also promised big changes to this year’s series after ratings hit an all time low during its latest outing last summer for both celebrity and civilian series. However it is unclear whether the celebrities would be paid for their involvement in the mixed series. “There has been some behind the scenes conflict as to whether the celebrities will be getting paid as the regular housemates won’t have any kind of fee,” the source explained.

“Some are happy to appear for free to raise their profile, but some are being quite demanding.

Channel 4 previously tried bringing the mix to the show in 2008 by creating Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack to replace Celebrity Big Brother, where celebrities were able to become Big Brother and control the house. The series was exclusive to E4 and replaced CBB after 2007’s race row.

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 later this summer.

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