Pre-BB: BREAKING: Big Brother: Timebomb eye revealed

Channel 5 have unveiled the brand new Big Brother eye ahead of the new series

Channel 5 have today unveiled the brand new Big Brother eye, for the sixteenth series of Big Brother. Big Brother: Timebomb will start on Channel 5 in the next month.

The new eye has been designed to resemble a time machine, with cogs and metal, while the centre of the eye resembles an electronic ball with a red iris.




This series promises to be upbeat, glamourous, thrilling and mischievous.  The clock will start ticking and the Housemates’ past, present and future will be in the hands of Big Brother.  The BB House has been totally revamped and is decorated in a sophisticated, sleek ‘Mad Men’ 60s style.

With Big Brother playing with the concept of time, the tasks, secret missions and twists promise to have tension, drama and intrigue.  How will this affect the housemates?  Time may be a friend or an enemy and for some it may well run out…

Big Brother is expected to return in May.

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