Pre-BB: Leaked photos reveal major House changes for Big Brother 2017

The Big Brother House will be looking quite different when the show returns in June.

Leaked construction photos of the House have revealed big changes are in store for the interior and outside areas of the compound.

Uploaded to Flickr by TVUrbex – the album shows a bunch of photos with the interior of the House being completely gutted ahead of the new series. The interior shots reveal that the main bulk of walls have been completely ripped down, suggesting that the layout will be changing.

Site of Diary Room

Layout changes have happened once every two years since the show moved over to Channel 5, with big changes happening. This year, bosses have also removed part of the garden wall giving viewers hope that the garden will be revamped slightly. The last time this happened was before Big Brother 9 in 2008.

House perimeter path, semi-demolished camera run and garden

The Other House is yet to be changed since January’s series with the brick walls still in place. The exterior set has also been stripped of the screens – a common practice between shows.

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in June.

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