Pre-BB: Paul O’Grady wants to enter the CBB House in January

Paul O’Grady has said he wants to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House when the series returns in January
It is the most well known house in Britain and Mr Paul O’Grady has announced he wants in

He revealed this week he “was only a recent fan of the show, having originally found it rather tacky.”

“I never used to have a guilty pleasure until my sister came to stay,” he explained. “She said: ‘I have to watch Celebrity Big Brother.’ And I said: ‘I’m not having that rubbish on.’

When speaking Radio Times, O’Grady revealed he’d already asked Celebrity Big Brother 10 champion Julian Clary for tips in the event that he went into the house. “When Julian won last year, I asked him how I would do in the house and he said My dear, you wouldn’t get past the first question of the psychiatric test.’”

Emma Willis returns for Celebrity Big Brother 13 in the first week of January 2014


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