Pre-CBB: Channel 5 tease at CBB’s ‘Biggest Twist’

Channel 5 have teased about the ‘biggest twist ever’ that is set to take place in the new series of Celebrity Big Brother

Channel 5 have teased about the ‘biggest twist’ that will face the new Celebrity Housemates when they enter the Big Brother House at the start of January.

C5 said: ” The CBB house has had a high class upgrade featuring chandeliers, a grand fireplace and opulent surroundings.  Despite its glamour, is this house simply a gilded cage?  The house may look inviting but once in Big Brother’s grasp, housemates will learn the hard way that Big Brother is the boss.  As usual the show will be packed full of twists and turns, starting from the get-go, when on launch night Big Brother will be unleashing his biggest twist yet… ”

“Of course their every move will be under scrutiny as they will be constantly filmed by the 45 cameras that dominate every corner of the house.  Each and every night viewers will be entertained with house action from the past 24 hours leading up to the all-important evictions.”

Celebrity Big Brother is expected to launch in the first week of January.


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  1. emma was tv gold says

    Having been in the house thanks to the NT I have a new respect for anyone doing it. However they are being paid so poke them with a stick

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