Pre-CBB: Endemol advertise pairs auditions for Big Brother 2017

Endemol are looking for pairs to audition for the upcoming series of Big Brother.

A Housemate twist could have already been revealed, as Endemol – the company behind Big Brother – are looking for pairs to audition to enter the Big Brother House next series.

The company are looking for “outgoing pairs with strong opinions”, with interested candidates able to apply alongside “anyone you consider to be family”.

The advert was posted onto Twitter earlier today, however Channel 5 are yet to confirm whether the flyer is official. The advert has already sparked speculation that the new series could feature a format that only works with pairs of Housemates rather than individuals.

This has been used around the world already, with Big Brother Australia starting their final series with pairs of Housemates. Big Brother UK had a similar format during its seventh series where the Housemates were paired up and played the game together as pairs.

Celebrity Big Brother returns in January while Big Brother returns later next year.

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  1. Kyle hodge says

    Me and my best friend bounce of each other and we’re out going love a party , and love too be stupid

  2. Danielle says

    Me and my sister Hannah

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